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Yoga Wisdom of The Day - seekerasana

Coronado, California

Show up with an open mind.

Once you make yoga a part of your life you awaken. You can’t turn back. It’s impossible. The more you sit, move, breathe & see the more you live in an authentic way. Once you light the way, you can no longer extinguish the flame.

You are the light.

(Re)discover the beauty that is in you, daily — through breathing, movement and self-inquiry. the magic is inside you, dwell there.

The peace you seek is in you.

If you moments and day to day experience is not all that you believe is possible, change. use the energy between the life you are living and the one you know that supports you being the best you possible.

Yoga is my tool to see what I need each day to make that happen, what would our world look like if we all tried to see from a fresh perspective? how would you design your day if there were no limits?

show up. be open. breathe. move. smile.

Namaste ~ Stephanie

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