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Yoga Philosophy on Becoming Kind

I’m so excited to share I’ve been featured on the Yoga Alliance Unity In Yoga Podcast.

Unity in Yoga engages listeners through the teaching, practice, and discussion of yoga. Host Maya Breuer chats with guests from the yoga and wellness community representing a broad range of cultural and philosophical perspectives in a collective effort to promote: inclusion, accessibility, and better health through yoga.

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Stephanie Spence shares the value of practicing yoga

while traveling and exploring around the world.

Hear how she learned to listen to an inner voice,

to be comfortable in the stillness,

and to appreciate all of herself including the flaws.”

Season 7, Episode 4.

Deeply honored that I was asked to be interviewed on this podcast. Maya, in case you haven’t tuned in before, is celebrated as one of America’s distinguished Black Yogis by Black Enterprise magazine, Unity in Yoga host Maya Breuer is Yoga Alliance’s Vice President of Cross-Cultural Advancement; the co-founder and Emeritus President of the national Black Yoga Teachers Alliance; and a preeminent yoga teacher, speaker, practitioner, author, and community activist.

Thank You Yoga Alliance, Maya, and all of the staff of the Unity In Yoga Podcast.

Listen now! On Itunes or Spotify

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