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Secrets of Self Care

You’re home more. You may be dealing with the unique challenge of working from home for the first time in your life. Even if you’re not new to being at home most of the time, there’s a growing concern that all of the heavy energy, scary news, and concerns for our futures (financially, physically, and emotionally) is taking a toll on our lives. Even if you’re an introvert and have always loved solitude it’s clear we’re all going through a lot of changes now. You’re not alone.

It might be a great idea to create space in your home that you can shift away from your new working-from-home-mode and use as a mini sanctuary to help manage stress.

You could be one of many that is still spending just as much time away from home as you always have. Doctors and health care workers are still working long hours for all of us. I’m grateful for all of the essential workers who are making it easier for us to have hope for the future. But they, too, are in special need of a quiet, safe space.

Most of us are leaving home and wearing a mask all the time while doing what must be done. But, once safely tucked back inside our homes and remove our masks, we all need some space to breathe.

As it turns out, 87% of Americans and Canadians believe that having extra space all to themselves makes them better people. According to a study called “The Power of Space” 71% of the same people feel renewed, instead of guilty, when given the space they need. Sounds like it’s time for Yoga and Meditation rooms for everyone!

Cultivating a quiet space for reflection, peace, wellness, and renewal is now a priority for many of us. We simply need it to deal with the ongoing global trauma we’re all experiencing.

Below is a list of secrets to creating a space to recharge and recalibrate:

1. This sacred space should be free of as much visual clutter as possible. Natural elements have an inherently restorative quality.

2. Indoor greenery is calming. Beyond the proven psychological and healing benefits live plants helps foster an awareness and appreciation for what is beautiful and natural.

3. Install a dimmer switch on your lighting to control the intensity. Lighting is a powerful way to shift the mood of the room, thereby shifting yours. I also love candles.

4. Pick a non-toxic paint in a muted, cooler tone or a warm white as these tones tend to be the most calming. You want the color to work well in both natural daylight and flickering candlelight.

5. Even a corner of a room or a section of a shelf can become a place of sanctuary and peace.

My room includes:

1. A meditation chair and meditation cushion (depending on my mood)

2. Fresh flowers

3. A small altar with photos of my children and life partner

4. Oracle cards and Journal

5. My mala beads I got in India

6. Singing bowl

7. Sage and Palo Santo (for clearing the energy before practice of any kind)

8. Diffuser

9. My Buddhist prayer wheel I got in Tibet

10. Yoga Mat

11. Bolster

12. Blocks

13. Strap

14. Eye Pillow

15. Wireless phone charger (SmartPhone is only used during this time for guided meditation AUDIO or calming music)

You could also include special crystals, essential oils, and either paints and/or art supplies you are using for inner spiritual work or art journaling. I prefer to keep my acrylics, chalk, watercolors, and dyes on my art table in the garage. It simply is too much clutter for this dedicated zen space. What is key is including anything that helps you become quiet and focused on doing less, not more.

Speaking of friends… I’ve got exciting news for my longtime blog friends who read all the way to the end of my posts:

I’m doing a giveaway!

I recently met THE MOST AMAZING woman and love what she has created. Her name is Sarah de Joybert and she created an amazing company called HUM Yoga and Meditation (@hum_yogaandmeditation on IG and @HUMyogaandmeditation

on Facebook). I love the quality and authenticity of her company and products. We’ve become friends because our values are aligned.

The cool thing is we’ve teamed up to do a fun giveaway! Other than my book, I’ve NEVER felt compelled to do a giveaway (which says everything, right…). I love my mat; it’s composed from plant-based ingredients – which makes me feel great.

On to the good stuff!

We’ve come together to gift one lucky winner with a beautiful bundle of earth-conscious HUM home yoga essentials and my book YOGA WISDOM: Warrior Tales Inspiring You On And Off Your Mat. Everything you need to bring high-vibe energy and inspiration to your yoga practice, and to your own personal journey of transformation.

1 x Yoga Wisdom book by Stephanie Spence = $27 1 x ecoYoga mat - All Natural (white) = $108 1 x HUM Rectangular bolster - Grey Mantra pattern = $128 2 x HUM Cork Yoga blocks - Mandala pattern = $28 each 1 x Hand pressed palo Santo $12 1 x Wild white sage bundle = $6 3 x Palo Santo sticks = $15 1 x Hand-thrown ceramic burning bowl = $24

HOW TO ENTER, from now until Aug 9th, 5pm PST:

  • Make sure to follow BOTH Sarah @hum_yogaandmeditation and me @stephanieyogini on Instagram

  • Tag 2 friends in the comments on each page to send some love and a boost of high-vibe yoga energy

  • BONUS: share this post to your Stories for an extra entry! Be sure and tag us so we know.

Shipping included! Canada and continental USA only

That’s a total value of approximately $400 (Canadian).

Once again for luck:

HOW TO ENTER, from now until Aug 9th, 5pm PST:

  • Make sure to follow both Sarah @hum_yogaandmeditation and me @stephanieyogini on Instagram

  • Tag 2 friends in the comments to send some love and a boost of high-vibe yoga energy

  • BONUS: share this post to your Stories for an extra entry! Be sure and tag us so we know.

That’s it! Giveaway ends on Sunday, August 9th at 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Good luck!

Contest is open to participants residing in Canada and continental USA only. Apologies to our international friends!

Please note that Instagram is in no way affiliated with this giveaway.

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