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Maria Cannistra

A resident of San Diego for over 22 years, Maria comes from a sports background of running, biking, swimming and outrigger canoe racing. Her dedication and passion for yoga took shape when she started her practice at “The Yoga Hut” in 2004. Her teacher, Rebecca Kovacs, was her inspiration and thus began her journey for the love of the practice.

Maria Cannistra

She received her certification from the Dharma Yoga Center in New York City where she was blessed to receive the traditional teachings of Dharma Mittra Yoga/Vinyasa Flow, from the very humble, Master Sri Dharma Mittra, the sustainer of grace.

“Dharma teaches us to pay homage, to think of God while practicing yoga and living life. Dharma is simplicity and magnitude at the same time. He draws you in like a magnet and has a heart like the sun.”

Maria’s enthusiastic approach and her love of yoga shines in her classes. She encourages her students to make the practice playful and to challenge themselves at the same time. Whatever level she teaches, she works with her beginners to feel the poses and the more advanced to encourage them to master a variety of poses.

Maria believes every person has the ability to create a higher consciousness of the body, mind, and spirit; bringing compassion and love to the practice.

Maria has been teaching for over seven years. Currently she teaches in Imperial Beach, CA

at #ImperialBeach #Yoga (#Ashtanga) and Imperial Beach #Fitness. She teaches seniors in La Jolla, Calif at Sunrise Senior Living. She teaches Yoga on the beach where her students can experience the love of the outdoors while practicing.

Yoga taught me that I am one entity within our universe.

Yoga teaches me to live in the now. I have had to let go of past regrets and experiences that brought me pain. To live in the now is the most challenging. Animals do it naturally, I have had to learn it. To be happy, right here, right now with everything that surrounds me. To accept that all things are temporary.

When life presents changes I may not expect, I learn to deal with the changes as they come my way. To remain calm in the storm and to stay grounded when my roots are lifted. I have learned to accept and to surrender.

I know it is my responsibility to create the life that I want for me. I have faith and trust in the universe to follow my path. I know things will come into my life as needed and to trust myself. I am my best teacher.

Yoga is about getting to know yourself.

Yoga forces you to look within and get to know you if you are up for the challenge. When you know yourself, you have good relationships with others. You understand others better as you understand yourself. Your life is filled with challenges, yet you learn to ride the challenges as they come and go. When you get to know yourself, your life is rich with so many blessings that come your way. Sometimes, it is very challenging to look within as we may not always like what we see. We certainly have the capacity and if the desire is there, we can change things in our lives for the better. Getting to know yourself is a journey and so worthwhile for all the richness that it brings to our lives.



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