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Joy just for you, created by you

good morning beautiful


I’m struggling with a complicated issue today in my life that is exacerbated by wishing I had a cup of coffee. During the first couple of days of the detox I am doing here at We Care in Desert Hot Springs, California, that is a common concern for a lot of people here, - a simple cup of coffee.

Shedding my self protecting armor again and again and I know being raw and real is where you get down to the good stuff. After crashing and starting my life over I woke up, stepped out of my life and into a whole new experience. I'm using this time to shake out the excesses and leave only what's important.

My heart remains open to life’s beautiful moments and brutal ones as well. After looking closely at the world and all of its brokenness, Grace has allowed me to forgive myself and others, love myself, and hold space for another’s brokenness without losing myself again.

I am strong, and so are you.

I am not ashamed of my past, and I am most proud of what I learned and how I choose to exist in the world. The more I open myself to life’s complexities, the more I know we are all one.

You are not alone, I see the light in you, and the pain, and the beauty.

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