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Got Trust?

3 ways to trust yourself

1.Take Action~ This is critical to craft a life of bliss. Accepting you are accountable, making a plan THEN putting that plan into action is key. This may be a moment-to-moment plan, BTW. Even baby steps work. Even if I just lay out my mat and have to walk around it I will eventually be inspired to step on it. From there it’s all good.

2. Replace Negative With Positive– This could be an ongoing thing (is for me). But what a worthwhile quest. I’m not just talking about thoughts here people, I’m also talking about people. Replace Negative ANYTHING in your life that doesn’t uplift, inspire or challenge you in a POSITIVE way. This is your ONE great life. Claim it. Trust that you deserve a life of bliss.

3. Listen To Your Body– Move, then be still. Breathe. Listen. Really listen… You WILL get the answers you need. I try and listen from my heart, not my head. The best choices I have made are when I have NOT acted from my head in a rush, but after asana, quieting down and going inwards – then moving from a place of love and gratitude.

That’s the real me. Move from your real place. You, too, are love.

Namaste ~ Stephanie

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