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Erin McGuire

Erin has been teaching Kundalini and Hatha yoga extensively all over the world for almost a decade.  I first interviewed her years ago and have kept up with her via YouTube and Instagram. She continues to inspire me. She has a passion for being a Soul on Fire and lighting up people's lives.  Her programs involve showing others how to go beyond their perceived limitations and into unlimited possibilities. 

Her work as a Spiritual Navigation Coach has lead hundreds of people from fear to living their purpose. 

She is the Creator of Soul on Fire Workshops and Retreats, a National Motivational Speaker, Reiki Master, and Theta Clearer (clearing beliefs in the subconscious mind).

"I found yoga after moving to Los Angeles to be an actor and working in a crazy restaurant.  I was stressed out, overwhelmed and a bit lost.  I had done yoga in college a little bit, but never liked it due to tight hamstrings.  I was reading Eat, Pray, Loveand the author talked about yoga and meditation. 

I had never meditated and thought, this sounds interesting, I want to try this.  I googled yoga studios in my area, which at the time was Hollywood.  I found Golden Bridge and decided to go check it out.  From the moment I walked in I felt a sense of peace and quiet that I had not experienced before.  For the first time ever, I felt like I fit in, these were my people. 

Yoga has taught me so much.  It has taught me that my mind is crazy and it is my job to get it under control everyday.  Mostly, to pause more and breathe.  To stop rushing.

Remember what is most important to breathe, to be present to how I feel, how my body feels, what is going on in my mind.  To feed and nourish my mind, body and soul with only the best things for it.  To think of and be compassionate to others, even those that hurt us. 

Yoga is the key that will unlock everything for you, because it connects you back to you.  Your source, your essence. 

It not only gives you a toned body, it tones your mind and in my opinion NOTHING is more important than getting your own mind under control.  If you can control your mind you can create absolutely anything you want. 

I have overcome anxiety and depression from yoga. Meditation and yoga have helped me overcome those challenges by learning to breathe, to stop the monkey mind chatter, to see the bigger picture, to check in with my feelings, to calm down and to remember what is most important. 

My advice for anyone reading this would be to be willing to do the work on yourself through your yoga, or other practices to find that bliss within.  It is hard work to really look at yourself and peel back."

Erin's work around compassion, anxiety and manifestation will help you grow and step into a new way of being. Her online programs are well regarded and I hope you'll check her out. In an ever-expanding world of online content, it's always a good idea to continue to challenge yourself to find new sources of inspiration. Many people who suffer from depression can find sources online, like Erin's website in the privacy of their own homes. Erin can help you let go of limiting beliefs. That, in and of itself, can be life-changing.


Stephanie Spence

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