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Chair Yoga, Kristin McGee

We are designed for movement, yet most people sit most of the day. Healing from a sports injury, and confined to a knee brace, I was in an unusual position of being forced to sit most of the day. To continue my yoga practice, I picked up a copy of Kristin McGee’s book, “Chair Yoga.”

Chair Yoga,  Kristin McGee

I had assumed that chair yoga was only for older people. Kristen eloquently teaches that some people go from sitting at their breakfast table to sitting on a train and/or plane for a commute to an office chair then home again to sit at their dinner table before moving to the couch to relax. That’s a lot of sitting, and it’s the norm. Whether a busy working person or mobility challenged McGee’s book is easy to understand and upbeat. It’s clutter free but packed with wisdom.

In addition to the simple to follow instructions, I especially like the “Try this” and “Works for…” as a quick reference guide (which also saves time for the chair bound and time crunched). Great for a short flight or subway commute. Kristen conveys the information in a way that shows she’s a seasoned yoga instructor, but peppers in light moments to keep it fun and interesting.

I really loved the torso section, was shocked and inspired by the challenging hip section. I was surprised at my ignorance as to how much you could do seated and then lo and behold – standing poses with the chair. Nice inclusion. Little did I realize I’d been doing chair pose pigeon at my kitchen counter top for years.

This self-help wellness book is a great gift for someone you know who is sitting too much but wants to try yoga. Of course it’s also great for older people, but now I’m educated in the methods as to how which it could be an ageless practice. Make sure and check out the 5 and 10 minute sequences.

Namaste, Stephanie

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