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4 Ways to be Authentic

You don’t have to show up as the person you think everyone will like. You can be real and subscribe to social norms. Ultimately, people are attracted to authenticity. Authentic people are accountable. Set an intention to be genuine. We connect at a much deeper level when there is a vulnerability and genuineness in interactions with others and self.

Here are my simple ways to develop and/or embrace your authentic you ~

  1. Develop Genuine Connections– Listen intently. Seek to truly understand others.

  2. Ditch Perfection– Perfection is impossible, so drop that unattainable toxic idea.

  3. Stay In The Moment– Yoga has taught me this. Mastering the art of presence perhaps is the single most effective way to ensure authenticity in any situation.

  4. Be Keenly Self-Aware– This is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others. Have the courage to look at, and accept, your self flaws and all. Think about your day and experiences. When you learn to be more observant and self-aware this skill will allow you to recognize when you are feeling uncomfortable, understand why you are feeling uncomfortable, and signal to yourself to intentionally draw upon your authentic self.

Decide HOW you want to show up for yourself and the world. The “work” to “be” authentic will be invaluable. It will enhance your life in innumerable ways – one of which will be self-love.

Namaste ~ Stephanie

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